Our Mission at Brink of Reality Productions is - 
"To serve as a guiding light and a helping hand on your journey to bring your dreams from the brink into reality."
Co-Founder: David A. Byrne
Co-Founder: David A. Byrne
Co-Founder: Joel Rodriguez
Co-Founder: Joel Rodriguez
Brink of Reality Productions was founded by David A. Byrne and Joel Rodriguez, two friends and colleagues who vividly remember one key detail from the start of their journeys into comic book creation: The looming sense of confusion coupled with an overwhelming onslaught of unanswered questions.

"How do I format a comic script?"
"Where do I find an artist?"
"How do I prepare a comic for print?"

After countless hours of research, courses, and practice, David and Joel found their answers and made their blind dives into the industry. They have since published multiple titles in the form of comics, trade paperbacks, and novels and use their talents to help prepare titles to print at Scout Comics.

Their work at Scout Comics showed David and Joel that they shared a passion of which neither was previously aware; they loved helping other creators bring their projects to life. They saw an opportunity to use the writing, publication, and production knowledge that they developed as a collection of tools to help others answer the very questions that haunted them in the beginning. 

After months of planning and development, Brink of Reality Productions was born to serve as a guiding light and a helping hand for all new creators looking for their chance bring their dreams from the brink into reality.
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